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Affordability and Cost of Living

Affordability / Cost of Living

The 52nd District is one of the most desirable places to live in the world. There will always be strong demand for housing and services in the District. For many, the new California dream is to move to a state with no state personal income tax and a low cost of living. We are continually told the “housing crisis” is due to a lack of supply. Housing will never be affordable in San Diego as long as policymakers continue to permit unfettered population growth through immigration. Increasing the population drives housing prices up while simultaneously suppressing wages due to the increased labor pool. This disproportionately impacts our lower income citizens. “Affordable housing” is a scam to enrich developers and the special interest groups that line the pockets of politicians through campaign donations and other perks. For example, the One Paseo project in Carmel Valley will only yield 60 “affordable housing” units while adversely impacting the environment and quality of life. A three bedroom apartment in this “affordable housing” project’s monthly rent is $6,500. For the last seven years, China has had the most foreign buyers of residential properties in the United States. This has displaced many citizens, made home ownership impossible, increased rent, and transferred wealth to China. We must restrict foreign purchases of real estate in our country so citizens can afford rent and ultimately become homeowners themselves.

Reducing taxation at all levels: federal, state, and local to empower citizens to make their own economic and financial decisions is a primary policy objective. Economic freedom allows individuals to make their own decisions and allocate capital in an efficient manner. Despite the increased gains of the stock market and economic output, wage growth continues to lag. The cost of food, gasoline, health care, and education continue to rise. Our politicians continue their assault on the working class with the gas tax, proposed tax on water despite billions in voter approved bonds for water projects, and attempts to eliminate Proposition 13. We must reduce the amount of visas for foreign workers in order to increase wages for our citizens. Technology firms often abuse the visa system in order to undercut the wages and rights of the domestic workforce. We must ensure that worker visas are meritorious and do not erode the earning power of US citizens.

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