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The state of public education and our schools is indicative of our values as a society. The role of public education is to form moral character, develop critical thinking, and pursue truth. The California Master Plan for Higher Education of 1960 was developed to create a world class educational system in California for Californians. There are currently more Chinese nationals (5,000) enrolled at the University o California San Diego than US citizens from the San Diego area, despite the fact that China is a strategic foe and leading producer of fentanyl which kills thousands of people each year, steals billions of dollars worth of intellectual property, and repeatedly engages in the espionage of state secrets. The primary goal of American public universities that receive millions in federal dollars is to educate Americans. Hence, we can no longer deny college access to American students in favor of foreign nationals. We need to ensure that we are building the workforce for the 21 st century primarily from within, not from abroad.

A primary component of workforce development must come from vocational training, apprenticeships, and community colleges as not every student is destined for university. We must also develop housing solutions for those studying the trades at community colleges. Education must be accessible and provide value and large loans should not be necessary in most cases to complete an undergraduate degree at a public institution.

Specifically, education policy in the future must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • 1. Priority given to U.S. citizens in admissions.
  • 2. A hard cap of 5% foreign students for on campus student enrollment (graduate and undergraduate). Any institution that exceeds this limit will lose their federal funding and research grants (NSF, etc.).
  • 3. No federal loans available to students attending institutions that don’t meet the foreign student enrollment restrictions.
  • 4. End all visas to Chinese nationals until such time as China is no longer a strategic adversary.
  • 5. Permanently eliminate all Confucius Institutes in the United States.
  • 6. Schools receiving federal funds must disclose in an annual audit the amount being spent on English learners.
  • 7. Build housing at community colleges for US citizens with priority given to US veterans.

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