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The sovereignty of any nation requires secure borders. The most essential purpose of government is to protect its citizens from foreign invasion and to provide for the common good of the people here legally. The United States does not currently have an immigration “system” in any true sense of the term, but rather a jumbled mess of arcane rules and regulations made via backroom deals that serve only the wealthy crony class, career politicians, and unelected special interests. These groups created the current “framework” that undercuts the interests of ordinary middle and working class Americans made up of every race, creed, and religion. This existing “framework” cannot be easily repaired and must be discarded, and any new immigration system must subsequently adhere to the following principles:

  • 1. Eliminate illegal immigration entirely.
  • 2. Reduce legal immigration to a level that does not depress wages for American workers.
  • 3. End chain migration and replace it with a merit based system that does not greatly expand the
    total U.S. population.
  • 4. Prioritize US citizens in educational institutions and the workplace.
  • 5. There will be no consideration of any amnesty for ANY illegal immigrants until complete border
    security has been achieved (backed up by reliable data).

Ultimately, any reforms that are passed must be enforced, meaning that there must be “teeth” in legislation in order to prevent rogue judges and federal, state, and local governments from ignoring federal laws. This also means that interior enforcement of immigration laws must be greatly expanded, thereby eliminating the current farcical policy of allowing anyone who escapes border patrol detection and gets past the current 50 mile “buffer” zone of the Mexico/Canadian borders to remain without penalty.

In an age of global terror, drug cartels, and criminal gangs, the ultimate goal must be to have ZERO illegal immigrants residing in the United States. Similarly, the level and type of legal immigrants welcomed into the country must be based on what is actually needed for the benefit of the average American citizen, factoring in the cause and effect of immigrants on wages, access to education and other social services, affordability and access to housing and health care, impact on the environment, and the overall influence on American traditions and culture.

An effective and efficient immigration system that prioritizes the interests of its own citizens requires the following policy prescriptions:

  • 1. Pass the Social Security Card Modernization Act.
  • 2. Mandate that all illegal entry, overstaying visas, or falsifying U.S. citizenship or legal residency is a criminal offense.
  • 3. Enforce ALL existing immigration laws.
  • 4. Pass new immigration and asylum Laws.
  • 5. Expedite asylum cases.
  • 6. Tax remittances to fund border security and interior enforcement.
  • 7. Fund the border wall, detention facilities, and hiring of immigration officials.
  • 8. End birthright citizenship.

1)   Pass the Social Security Card Modernization Act

The Social Security Card Modernization Act will utilize the same biometric technology as a United States passport or passport card. The card will include: identity, immigration status, and employment eligibility. This will reduce the ability of employers to willfully accept fraudulent social security cards and illegal aliens to perpetrate social security fraud. The card will be a mandatory form of identification to secure employment. Those 65 years of age and older at the time the Act is implemented will be exempt from obtaining the card.

2)  Mandate that all Illegal entry, overstaying visas, or falsifying U.S. citizenship or legal residency is a criminal offense

There will be no distinguishing between those that enter the country illegally or overstay visas. Currently, under federal law overstaying a legally obtained visa or illegally entering the country is a civil violation. Both of these offenses must be made felonies enforceable with criminal penalties for the first offense after a reasonable period of time (30 days).

3)  Enforce all existing immigration laws Laws

are of no use unless they are enforced. Corporations and other entities that hire or transport illegal aliens must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Corporations that incentivize the entry of
illegal aliens must be prosecuted and fined in a punitive manner that will no longer permit fines to be dismissed as the cost of doing business. Federal funds to states and municipalities who flaunt federal immigration laws shall be revoked, as well as making local officials open to civil litigation and prosecutable in cases involving sexual assault or loss of life (Kate Steinly). Social security fraud and identity theft committed by illegal aliens must be prosecuted by the federal government. “In 2017 alone, there were approximately 1.2 million cases in which an illegal alien working in the United States had filed a tax return reporting wages that had been earned using a Social Security Number that belonged to someone else or was fabricated. The IRS could not say if any of these cases were referred for criminal prosecution”(1).

4)  Pass new Immigration and asylum laws

The Immigration and Nationalization Act of 1965 does not serve the interests of U.S. citizens, and the current legal immigration framework must be abolished and replaced, including fixing loopholes that lead to catch and release policies. Asylum laws were designed to protect those being persecuted, not economic migrants. These laws need to be rewritten to prevent rogue judges from applying asylum laws to those facing economic hardship or domestic violence and/or abuse. Those petitioning for asylum in the Western Hemisphere must do so in their home country, or in cases where they are persecuted in their country of origin, the adjacent/closest nation to their home country. The U.S. government must withdraw from the Flores Agreement which limits the ability to enforce federal immigration law and incentivizes the trafficking of minors. H.R. 7311 which was passed in 2008 that treats unaccompanied minors from Central America differently than those from Mexico, must be repealed. The Flores Agreement in conjunction with H.R. 7311 has created a giant loophole in federal immigration law and eliminated border security. A merit based immigration system must be implemented to replace the current preference given to family reunifications; the visa lottery system must also be eliminated. The current number of legal immigrants will be reduced to the pre-1965 levels of 200,000 annually or less (requiring a future act of Congress to increase this limit). Additionally, the number of visas allocated to foreign students should be capped at 5% of the total student population at all institutions of higher learning, as their role is primarily to educate U.S. citizens. This would also entail an end to all student visas for Chinese foreign nationals, as China is a strategic adversary and utilizes students to steal billions of dollars of intellectual property from U.S. research facilities each year.

5)  Expedite asylum cases

Asylum hearings must be sped up to occur within 20 days of arrival. The policy of releasing applicants on their own recognizance until their court hearing is scheduled will be eliminated in order to prevent overrun and abuse of the system.

6)  Tax Remittances to fund border security and interior enforcement

Per the World Bank, Mexico received $35.5 billion in remittances in 2018, predominately from the United States. As remittances are a viable and readily available source of revenue to fund the infrastructure and human capital necessary to eliminate illegal immigration, a tax should be placed on all remittances sent abroad with an additional tax on remittances to Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. This policy will ensure the upfront costs of eliminating illegal immigration will not burden the taxpaying US citizen. If illegal immigration persists, remittances should be suspended indefinitely to these 4 countries.

7)  Fund border wall, detention facilities, and hiring of immigration officials

Pass new appropriations bills to finish building required sections of the border wall and to hire thousands of new immigration judges, border patrol officials, and ICE agents dedicated to interior enforcement. Also fund other infrastructure projects including detention facilities necessary to process illegal aliens at the point of entry.

8)  End birthright citizenship

Pass legislation outlawing birthright citizenship to any person who is not the offspring of U.S. citizens.
This provides incentives for late term pregnant mothers from Latin America, China, and other nations to enter our country; no other developed country in the world has this policy.

(1) Real Clear Investigations s_110672.html

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