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The sovereignty of any nation requires secure borders. The most essential purpose of government is to protect its citizens from foreign invasion and to provide for the common good of the people here legally. The United States does not currently have an immigration “system” in any true sense of the term, but rather a jumbled mess of arcane rules and regulations made via backroom deals that serve only the wealthy crony class, career politicians, and unelected special interests. These groups created the current “framework” that undercuts the interests of ordinary middle and working class Americans made up of every race, creed, and religion. This existing “framework” cannot be easily repaired and must be discarded, and any new immigration system must subsequently adhere to the following principles:


The ecosystems and natural beauty of the 52 nd District are under attack by overcrowding, excessive development, and the government of Mexico’s lack of interest in stopping the flow of billions of gallons of toxins into San Diego. While it is understandable that many people outside of the U.S. want to come to San Diego, we simply do not have the space to let everyone move here; the arrival of too many people is eroding our quality of life and further strains our already limited natural resources. It is an undeniable fact that unfettered population growth is incompatible with conservation. Any sound conservation policy should dictate the following:

Big Tech

California is ground zero for the high-tech revolution and job creation in service industries, but increasingly large trans-national companies like Google and Facebook have engaged in anti-democratic behavior and in some cases worked on projects that are hostile to American sovereignty, putting their own interests above those of the United States and its citizens. Additionally, some of the strategies they pursue are clearly harmful to the social fabric of our society, with children are especially vulnerable to being preyed upon by products that are proven to be psychologically harmful.


The state of public education and our schools is indicative of our values as a society. The role of public education is to form moral character, develop critical thinking, and pursue truth. The California Master Plan for Higher Education of 1960 was developed to create a world class educational system in California for Californians. There are currently more Chinese nationals (5,000) enrolled at the University o California San Diego than US citizens from the San Diego area, despite the fact that China is a strategic foe and leading producer of fentanyl which kills thousands of people each year, steals billions of dollars worth of intellectual property, and repeatedly engages in the espionage of state secrets.

Health Care

Our health care system must be guided by the principles of individual choice and competition. Market forces reduce costs and improve outcomes. Monopolies are not good for consumers and government controlled health care will be no different. I will not support “Medicare for All” or any other program that forces citizens out of private insurance or any insurance program they prefer to keep.

Economy, Finance, and Trade

The U.S. federal government cannot continue to spend more than it receives, and the recent levels of deficit spending are no longer acceptable because it endangers the future of our country and subsequent generations. In addition to returning to this fiscal responsibility, the U.S. economic system must be rebuilt upon a foundation of economic freedom, empowering its citizens to fully participate in the labor market while increasing real wages, lowering taxes, and ensuring the quality of life for its ordinary citizens.

Constitution and Civil Liberties

Fidelity to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and protecting our civil liberties is of paramount importance as they continue to be eroded by activist lawyers and judges, as well as anti-traditionalists. Freedom of religion is not freedom from religion. Our Judeo-Christian values and heritage which built this country are under assault and need to be protected. Freedom of speech in the public square needs to not only be defended, but returned to its former sacred status.

Affordability and Cost of Living

The 52nd District is one of the most desirable places to live in the world. There will always be strong demand for housing and services in the District. For many, the new California dream is to move to a state with no state personal income tax and a low cost of living. We are continually told the “housing crisis” is due to a lack of supply. Housing will never be affordable in San Diego as long as policymakers continue to permit unfettered population growth through immigration. Increasing the population drives housing prices up while simultaneously suppressing wages due to the increased labor pool. This disproportionately impacts our lower income citizens.


The state of infrastructure in our district is unacceptable, and a world class city deserves better. Just as government works best when power is closest to the citizens, infrastructure projects should be prioritized by citizens, not bureaucrats. There is a role for the federal government to supplement financing for projects, but project prioritization should be done at the local level. Funding of infrastructure from the federal government should be free of coercion that infringes upon the rights of citizens to organize their communities in the manner they prefer.

Foreign Affairs

National defense is supposed to be about protecting the safety, security, and collective interests of our citizens, not, entanglement in foreign affairs and conflicts that do not serve the vital interests of the United States. The national defense of the United States should never be outsourced to global governance bodies, nor should it ever fall under obligation to act (or not act) based on the edict of some foreign body.

Individual Responsibility and Self-Reliance

America was founded on the concept of hard work, over-coming obstacles, and taking responsibility for one’s own actions and results. Over the last several decades, these values have been eroded via a constant assault by the body-politic who wage a continual campaign of identity politics in effort to pit one demographic against another, with the implied message that an individual’s struggles are always the fault of some other group. The intent has been to court ‘discouraged’ voters in an attempt to build coalitions of often disparate groups in order to win elections, secure donations, and advance personal political agendas.

We the Citizens

Ryan Cunningham for congress
of district 52

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