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National Defense and Veterans

National Defense and Veterans

National defense is supposed to be about protecting the safety, security, and collective interests of our citizens, not, entanglement in foreign affairs and conflicts that do not serve the vital interests of the United States. The national defense of the United States should never be outsourced to global governance bodies, nor should it ever fall under obligation to act (or not act) based on the edict of some foreign body. Furthermore, federal law takes precedence in matters of national security and is not superseded by international law, international courts, or The United Nations. The latter, which in many respects is obsolete, corrupt and in need of major reform, should never take primacy over the U.S.

Regarding the welfare of our veterans who have represented us so proudly, they must be given priority in the society that they have dutifully served, and this means access to world-class healthcare (for any ailments they have both physical and mental), as well as access to services for other needs. Service connected veterans should have the choice of either private or VA facilities, and should be eligible for the same gold standard health care plan that Congress and federal employees have. They should also be given preference in securing public housing, and financial assistance and admissions to universities
and trade schools.

Specifically, foreign policy in the future must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • 1. Recognition that China is the number one strategic adversary of the United States, and steps should be taken to thwart their stated aim to achieve supremacy over the U.S.
  • 2. Chinese nationals should be prohibited from studying in U.S. universities, especially in STEM fields, and working for firms involved in technologically sensitive fields and national security.
  • 3. Avoid getting involved in drawn out global conflicts that drain the U.S. of critical financial and human resources, except in cases where our key national interests are truly threatened.
  • 4. Adherence to the doctrine that the defense of Europe is primarily the responsibility of Europe, and should not be unduly funded by American taxpayers; hence, NATO and all other US allies must meet spending requirements for their own defense.
  • 5. Support of Israel and unequivocal rejection of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (“BDS”) movement
  • 6. Adopt Teddy Roosevelt’s maxim of “Speak softly and carry a big stick”, using force only when necessary, but wielding it decisively

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