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Individual Responsibility and Self-Reliance

Individual Responsibility and Self-Reliance

America was founded on the concept of hard work, over-coming obstacles, and taking responsibility for one’s own actions and results.  Over the last several decades, these values have been eroded via a constant assault by the body-politic who wage a continual campaign of identity politics in effort to pit one demographic against another, with the implied message that an individual’s struggles are always the fault of some other group.  The intent has been to court ‘discouraged’ voters in an attempt to build coalitions of often disparate groups in order to win elections, secure donations, and advance personal political agendas.

This self-serving approach is tearing at the fabric of our country and explains the rifts we have between different ethnic and socio-economic groups and the partisan divide we currently face.  Even worse, it had fostered an attitude, especially among younger generations, that someone else is responsible for their well-being, financial security, and general happiness, and that they are not capable of over-coming adversity in life or when someone treats them “unfairly.”

This message is constantly reinforced by the mainstream media, and especially the Democratic party, and is a complete reversal of what America’s values were for the first 200 years of our existence that made us so prosperous.  In returning to the core values that served us so well, where every able-bodied individual carries his or her own weight, we can unite and solve all the challenges that lie ahead and ensure a bright future for many generations to come.

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