The state of infrastructure in our district is unacceptable, and a world class city deserves better. Just as government works best when power is closest to the citizens, infrastructure projects should be prioritized by citizens, not bureaucrats. There is a role for the federal government to supplement financing for projects, but project prioritization should be done at the local level. Funding of infrastructure from the federal government should be free of coercion that infringes upon the rights of citizens to organize their communities in the manner they prefer. Any future funding of infrastructure projects should:

  • 1. Allocate the necessary resources to eliminate Tijuana River Valley sewage spills.
  • 2. Withhold federal funding for SANDAG’s 5 Big Moves until the road and highway projects voters approved in 2004 with the TransNet tax increase are completed.
  • 3. Federal funding for infrastructure projects will not be tied to development, especially increasing housing density.
  • 4. Continue support for WIFIA and TIFIA loan programs.
  • 5. Protect tax-exempt status of municipal bonds and reinstate tax-exempt advance refundings that were eliminated with the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

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Ryan Cunningham for congress
of district 52

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